Revatio for ED Review

Revatio for ED Review: A Good PAH Medicine but Unrated Yet as an ED Treatment

Brand: Revatio

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Pfizer

Country of Manufacture: United States

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Review and Description

Revatio for ED is the secondary indication of the PAH treatment from Pfizer. Revatio is a pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) medicine that is also used for treating ED or erectile dysfunction. Revatio for ED didn’t become that popular as most drugs that came out after Viagra was cheaper and easier to obtain. Revatio was produced by the same company that introduced Viagra in the market.

Revatio is a drug that is available in tablet and injectable form. It is a medicine that is prescribed to adults with PAH and needs help with their heart and lungs muscles. This is a type of a muscle relaxant that prevents hypertension in the lungs while at the same time helps enhancing the capability of the PAH patient to exercise and to move. As a muscle relaxant, it also works in helping the penile muscle to relax when presented with sexual stimulation, allowing the user to attain firmer and harder erection. Revatio main use though was as a PAH treatment although some are also using Revatio for ED treatment.

Pfizer who made Viagra in the late 1990s initially introduced Revatio first. Revatio was their PAH medicine then they went on to produce Viagra as a heart treatment medicine. Apparently, during clinical trials, they noticed that Viagra also helped men with their erectile dysfunction. Since Revatio and Viagra both contain sildenafil citrate, they are now considered as useful and effective in treating erectile dysfunction and PAH. Pfizer is a world-renown manufacturer that is known for producing medicines such as Norvasc, Lipitor, Prevnar, Zithromax, and Diflucan. It is a multinational company headquartered in Connecticut.

Customer Reviews

With so many medicines under Pfizer, we have no doubt that Revatio is a good drug to have especially among PAH patients. We are looking forward to seeing customer reviews from ED patients who tried Revatio so we searched the internet for it and here’s what we found so far:

Despite our effort to find a Revatio for ED review, we were unable to find any and end up with reviews from PAH patients who used Revatio

Despite our effort to find a Revatio for ED review, we were unable to find any and end up with reviews from PAH patients who used Revatio.

A not-so-good review for Revatio was from grammy who said that in the short time that she used Revatio, it didn’t work at all. She said it was easy to use but was not effective and she was not satisfied at all. The second customer review was written by itskat who gave it a 5-star rating. According to itskat, he had been using Revatio for three years now, started with Viagra but settled with Revatio because of its effectiveness. The only issue he got was the price and was hoping that it will eventually decrease in time.

The reviews for Revatio from two PAH patients were mixed. As we are here to check the efficacy of Revatio as an ED drug, we cannot really say that these reviews we found were helpful.

Pricing and Dosage

The price of Revatio varies from market to market and from the type of Revatio for ED treatment that you are opting. If you are getting an injectable, this form is more expensive and harder to find. We searched the internet for stores that offer injectable Revatio and found none. We are lucky enough to find an online store that offers Revatio tablet.

There is one single formulation for Revatio tablet and that is 20mg

There is one single formulation for Revatio tablet and that is 20mg. the price of Revatio is $8 for a pack of 10 or $0.8 per tablet. We can say that this is a cheap price for a PAH medicine and an ED medicine. In addition, if you will purchase 30 tablets, you only have to pay $22.50 or $0.75 per tablet.

How to Buy Revatio for ED Online

Revatio was a good formula for people with PAH as most patients who used it said it worked well with their treatment. There are no side effects as well. However, it has been a decade and a half since Revatio was introduced in the market and there had been a lot of muscle relaxant medicines introduced in the market for PAH and ED treatment. This could be the reason why Revatio is no longer marketed worldwide by Pfizer. To date, this medicine is very hard to find and seems to be available in limited markets only.

If you are looking forward to buying Revatio but cannot find it from your favorite internet drugstore, we can recommend checking Fildena. Fildena is a generic Viagra that contains Sildenafil citrate as its active ingredient. This is easy to find and is very affordable as well. Fildena is obtainable from these online drug stores:

How to Use

If you are using Revatio for ED, you have to use it differently as to someone that uses to treat PAH. This is the reason why it is important to contact a doctor before taking any medicine, especially Revatio.

Revatio in tablet form should be taken once a day, as needed if you are taking it to treat an ED problem. For people with PAH, this is maintenance medicine that needs to be taken regularly. If you are taking it to treat PAH and is having injectable, have a healthcare specialist to administer it for you.

Side Effects

The side effects associated with Revatio are myalgia, diarrhea, flushing, visual disturbances or impairment, and hearing loss. There are even people who used Revatio and reported having a retinal hemorrhage.

Users of Revatio also reported experiencing dyspepsia, rhinitis, sinusitis, paresthesia, and epistaxis.

Not everyone who uses Revatio can develop these adverse reactions. Only 1-2% does. Do not hesitate to report to your doctor if you experience any of these side effects and it stays for hours or days.

Conclusion with Rating

Revatio is an effective PAH treatment and we are not contending it as this is another quality product of Pfizer. We are not arguing the fact that this medicine can be used to treat ED as well. Revatio for ED treatment has been proven to work yet we were unable to find any ED customer who used it. One possible reason for this is the fact that Revatio is not available worldwide and can be bought in selected markets only.

For the market limitation or availability of Revatio, we can confidently give it an average rating of 3 out of 5 stars. It might be effective for ED but we need more proof.

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