Revatio Cost Review

Revatio Cost Review: An ED Drug that Pfizer Seems to Have Forgotten to Market

Brand: Revatio

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Pfizer

Country of Manufacture: United States

Revatio Package Image

Review and Description

Revatio cost cannot be afforded by everyone. Revatio is a drug prescribed to adults with pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). It is also prescribed to adult men with ED problem This medicine contains a muscle relaxant formula called sildenafil citrate. Aside from helping the muscles of the body to stay relax, it also helps in improving the ability of adults with PAH to exercise and engage in physical activity. Revatio is formulated as a film-coated tablet. It is round and white. Revatio is obtainable in two different forms, tablets and injectable. The tablet is available in 20mg dosage only while its injectable form is obtainable in a single vial that has 10mg of sildenafil. Considering the Revatio cost that most users need to shoulder, you can easily assume that this is one effective medicine that ED patients and PAH patients must use. Revatio is a proud product of Pfizer.

Pfizer, a US pharmaceutical organization is the same Pfizer that reproduces the famous ED drug called Viagra. With a facility and office in some major US cities like New York and Connecticut, it is no surprise to see them as a top pharmaceutical house in terms of revenues. Aside from Viagra, Pfizer is also known for producing famous Vitamins and OTC drugs like Dimetapp, Centrum, Advil, Robitussin, and Zoloft. They are also the producer of Norvasc, Zithromax, and Diflucan.

Customer Reviews

Pfizer is such a big name in the medical world that just hearing the word ‘Pfizer’ dictates trust and reliability regardless of the type of product we are referring to. We honestly believe that a company or a brand won’t last long if they are not reliable and trustworthy. To further prove the reliability of this medicine and its worth despite high Revatio cost, we tried to check find some customer reviews for Revatio.

Igarnett shared that her daughter was a patient with PAH who was using Revatio as a maintenance medicine

Igarnett shared that her daughter was a patient with PAH who was using Revatio as a maintenance medicine. Igarnett shared that the Revatio cost she had to shoulder during the treatment was a bit high (although Revatio is a cheaper treatment for PAH). Luckily, the cost was also shared by Medicaid. For her daughter’s PAH, Revatio was a great medicine to have and she gave it a 4-star rating.

Maggie was another Revatio user who said that it prolonged her life. She said she suffered from side effects like headaches during the first week but got better afterward. Maggie gave it a 5-star rating for its effectiveness.

Igarnett and Maggie were two people who used Revatio as part of their PAH treatment and they both testified to its effectiveness. As far as having Revatio for ED, we cannot say for now whether it is as effective in treating PAH.

Pricing and Dosage

Revatio is available in tablet and injectable form. In a tablet, it is packed in a 20mg formulation. For injectable, it is obtainable in a 10mg of sildenafil per vial. The number of tablets or injectable to have in a day depends on a doctor’s prescription.

For the pricing of Revatio, we found a website that sells its tablet form for

For the pricing of Revatio, we found a website that sells its tablet form for $1.60 Australian dollar per tablet or $1.26 in US dollar. This price is if you will order at least 120 pills. If you will purchase a pack of 90 tablets, the price is $1.678 Australian dollar each tablet or $1.40 impotence US dollar. Buying a pack of 30 Revatio tablets can give you a price of 1.98 Australian dollars or $1.56 US dollar.

For the injectable form, we were unable to find an e-store that sells it hence we cannot give an accurate price at the moment.

How to Buy Revatio Online

Revatio from Pfizer is an old medicine that was formulated in the late 2000s (2008-2009). It was before Viagra was even formulated although both medicines have sildenafil as its active ingredient. Due to the popularity of Viagra and other ED medicines with sildenafil, Revatio slowly became a thing of the past hence checking it online, we found only a handful of stores that offer it. As of this writing, Revatio is no longer offered worldwide and it is available in selected stores only.

Since Revatio is no longer easy to find, we can suggest other ED drug that has the same effect as Revatio such as Fildena. Fildena also contains sildenafil as its active ingredient and you can find it in these e-stores:

How to Use

There are two ways of using Revatio for treating PAH and erectile dysfunction, it can be taken orally or can be administered as an injectable. The dose and administration of this medicine should be handled by a healthcare professional. Do not take Revatio without a doctor’s prescription. This drug should be taken accordingly.

There are certain medicines that can interact with this drug. It is very important to talk to your doctor first before

Side Effects

Revatio interacts with other medicines and also causes some adverse reactions that users must be aware of. The side effects of Revatio that you should guard are headaches, loss of vision on one or both eyes, eyesight impairment, hearing impairment and long-term erection. According to the official page of Revatio, long-term erection (more than six hours) can lead to potency-loss. Having a prolonged erection is one of the serious side effects of this drug and must be reported to a doctor immediately.

Conclusion with Rating

Revatio is a popular PAH treatment that was also slated as an ED treatment as it works like a regular Viagra because of its active ingredient – sildenafil. This medicine was one of the first ED drugs although it was not labeled as such.

Revatio is a product of Pfizer. Despite having good customer reviews as a PAH treatment and coming from a known pharma maker, we are giving Revatio a rating of 3 out of 5 stars as there is very few information about it when it comes to using it as an ED drug. The fact that it is no longer marketed actively by Pfizer in most markets also causes its decline in popularity and the fact that a lot of ED drugs have been released in the market today.

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